A fun Host family day: Toudai-ji temple and a scary deer

Day of activity: July 24th 2014

On host family day, my host family took Pauline and me to toudai-ji temple. We feed the deer, which I thought would be cute but it was actually a little scary! They were really eager and even a bit a hole in Paulines shirt!

The temple was very beautiful. After that, we went to Kowfuku-ji pawillion and to the small shopping streets near it. Pauline and I had our first glimpse of Daiso, the supermarket. Everything was so cheap!

After eating lunch (and getting doughnuts), we headed off to do some goldfish scooping. I got 16 and Pauline got 18. Afterwards we went to a traditional fabric dyeing shop and made our own handkerchiefs. It was a really fun-filled day and I’m really grateful that we got to experience it all!

Sidney (USA)

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