Tokyo Tour

Tour of Tokyo

Tama is a city located very close to Tokyo, so, World Campus – Japan could not go to a city close to one of the most populated cities in the world and not visit it. The university students we met on the fist day in Tama, very nicely accepted to take us on a really cool tour of Tokyo. They took us everywhere from shopping at Shibuya Station, one of the biggest train stations in Japan to Tsukiji, the biggest fish market in the world.

Nothing like getting a tour from the locals, they know those places where as a tourist you never get to see. That’s how we do tourism in World Campus – Japan. Pretty unique!

Potluck of Cultures


After a super nice morning at the University of Kokushikan we went back to our usual meeting place in Central Tama. When we entered the room, it was filled with local people, all different kinds of food and flags. It was so nice and we felt so welcomed.

The minute we entered the room, people started talking to us in english, pretty good english in fact, trying to know more about us and our specific countries.

Some of them, had already been to my country, Canada, so we could talk about it and the connection was immediate. After the conversation started we began to eat all the amazing food there was around on different tables. There were a bunch of very traditional sweets and other japanese dishes like Dango (Sweet Rice Cake) sushi rolls and fried tofu. Everything was so delicious, I wish I had more space in my belly 🙂

After the eating part ended, the local community members had prepared some traditional japanese games and cultural activities for us. We could try on the summer kimonos (Yukatas) and take pictures with our friends from World Campus – Japan.

The funniest activity of all was the Ninin Baori, where a person had to feed another person but without seeing anything, actually seating behind them. It was messy, delicious and crazy funny.

We also experienced a Tea Ceremony where we drank japanese tea, and ate japanese sweets. Played Japanese card and chess games and also Go (Chinese Game) all this with very skilled people, so no much hope for winning the games. It was so much fun and so different than the games we play in my country.

The afternoon finished with everyone dancing a traditional festival dance around the room. We learned so much in a very short time but it was so nice… I should never forget.

(Eve Marmen – Canada)