Meet Jay Kinsel from USA!

Hey guys,

My name is Jay Kinsel but most people call me Jake. I currently live in Denver Colorado but I am from the great state of Texas. It’s always hard to summarize my life in one paragraph but I’ll do my best.

I am currently a teacher in Colorado but I’m opening an indoor soccer facility here within the next year. I am a former Up with People cast and staff member from 1994 to 2000. I have a Fine Arts degree in Theatre. My theatre background defines me and how I watch the world. I am always amazed at the infinite ways a single idea can be communicated. I love to watch the audience in a movie theatre as they process what they see into whatever emotions the images evoke.

I have an extreme passion for soccer. I play and coach every chance I get.

Throughout my travels, I have found soccer to be a great ice breaker. It seems to be a language unto itself.

I was lucky enough to go to an international high school in the states and I found myself drawn to the Japanese culture and people. I find the history fascinating and I look forward to experiencing some of the traditions that history has developed. As I write this short piece, I notice that I am even more excited than I can imagine to be a part of World Campus International. I can’t wait to see what stories our trip will tell. I’ll see you all in March!!

(Jay Kinsel – Production in the March – April 09 Road Team)

Meet the World Campus – Japan Team in Denver!

On February 4th, from 6:30pm – 8:30pm, you can meet some of the WCI team members to get information about ways to come to Japan in 2009. We will have both road staff and company management present at the Dynamy Fair, located at the Sherman Event Center, 1770 Sherman St. Denver, Colorado. Co-founder and General Manager Bob Sloat said that “We are looking forward to meeting people who want to learn about the opportunities to come to Japan for anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months experiencing unique access to the Japanese culture and people with peers from around the world. We have a couple of remaining positions for this spring but mostly want to talk about the Tokyo and western Japan options for this summer. It’s our first time going to this particular fair and we are excited to be there!”.

If you need assistance with directions or want to reserve an appointment with Bob, Berthalina or Jake, feel free to call ahead at toll free 866 595-6323. See you in Denver!

Meet Guang Yeung from USA/China!

GuangHey everyone!
My name is Guang. I was born in China but now live in the great state of Colorado. I love to travel, interacting with different cultures, eating exotic foods, and long walks on the beach… Fortunately, World Campus — Japan provides all that and much more!

One year ago, I did not know what to expect from Japan or this program. I didn’t know any Japanese and thought the culture was merely an imitation of China’s. I didn’t expect such a rewarding experience. I was amazed by the kindness of the people and the beautiful mixture of the traditional and the modern. Of course, the Japanese food was really delicious and healthful! During each of the tours in the spring and summer, I ate like a pig but lost over five kilograms^^

I might sound a little strange but I’m very friendly and I can’t wait to meet you all! Let’s make this another Super Happy Sunshine Tour!!

(Guang Yeung – Public Relations Assistant in the March – April 09 Road Team)

Meet Henning Rodtwitt from Norway!

My name is Henning, and I’m from Norway. I grew up in a small city right outside of Oslo. I’ve been acting since I was about 10, played in multiple bands and used to take part in as many productions as I could when I was still in Norway. My other main interest was Japan. Not only the great selection of animation and tv-games, but also their rich history, great food and -amazing- culture.

It was a dream come true when I finally got to go to Japan, with World Campus International spring 2008.

I was even lucky enough to get to be part of the staff, and to come back for the summer tour. Combining my two hobbies, whilst traveling around with people from all over the world and learning about their cultures at the same time is nothing short of amazing.

Between the last tour and now I’ve been living in China (Shenyang), working as an English teacher. (earning my very own TEFL certificate, so I can teach English all over the world.)

I just got my holidays, and I will after a few weeks of relaxing and traveling go back to Japan.-to prepare stuff for when you guys arrive!

I’m very excited to meet all of you, and get to working on our new Arigatou Evento.

It shall be awesome!

(Henning Rodtwitt – Production in the March – April 09 Road Team)