Unique way to experience Japan in Summer 2015

World Campus International, Inc. is offering an opportunity to take part in short-term, non-traditional experiential education programs in Japan. Participants can choose to sign up for one or more 3 week block programs in different regions across Japan participating in educational tours. While doing so, participants have the unique chance to gain Japanese and international experience as well as increase their personal and professional networks, all while enjoying the backdrop of Japanese culture, politics and business.

What does having this kind of “unique access to Japan” mean?

  1. A great chance to see Japanese cultural sites, eat delicious and exotic local foods and learn about Japanese traditions.
  2. A way to experience modern Japan through interactions with local politicians, business people as well as Japanese university and high school students.
  3. An opportunity to share your culture and volunteer your talents in structured activities with ordinary Japanese citizens, school children, disabled people and the elderly.
  4. An opportunity to experience an authentic Japanese lifestyle by staying with warm and welcoming host families.

In summer 2015, 3 sessions are taking place between June 8th and August 11th, 2015. More information and the application form can be found on the website. www.worldcampus.org. and also you can see participant reports on www.worldcampusblog.org.