Meet Fleurtje Meijer, Program Counselor for World Campus – Japan Program 2016!


Hi all!

My name is Fleurtje and I’m a 20 years-old Dutchy! I live in the very south of the Netherlands, but during the week I study in a beautiful small city called Leiden. At the moment I am a second year Japanstudies student, with a special interest in sociology and a love for dancing, gaming and writing.

Before World Campus – Japan, the furthest I had ever been from home was Greece (roughly 3000km) and only for a week without my parents. So why World Campus – Japan? Since I was a little girl I was crazy about geisha, samurai and ancient temples. During my early teen years, this love for Japan extended into popculture and eventually I decided that I wanted to know more about the language, history and culture.

My study in Leiden covers most areas quite well, but I had never experienced the culture so in-depth as with World Campus – Japan! I joined last year’s third session and had such a blast that I wanted to experience even more! Besides the culture-dipping, one of the things I love most about World Campus – Japan is the people you meet and the friends you make. Even now, almost a year later, I still have contact with some of my host families and many of the participants (and counselors!) from last year and we try to meet up in one of the countries every now and then just for fun.

This year around, I hope to meet more great people. Let’s wreck our comfort bubbles this summer and have fun while we learn something about others and ourselves. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Fleurtje Meijer (the Netherlands)